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Weight Management

Our desire is to help individuals reach their weight loss goals. Dr. Murphy is well-known for his long history of successfully helping patients with their health and weight loss journey and for the care he takes to protect the privacy of our clients.



There are a lot of misconceptions floating around whenever it comes to weight loss. A great portion of the accepted beliefs have no foundation and are simply myths.

Here a few facts and tips to help set the record straight!

Become Active—Run, Don't Walk

Walking is not exercise. Think of exercise as a physical activity where you can’t carry on a conversation because you have to breathe.

Calories Are Essential—Burn More!

We always overestimate the amount of calories burned during a day and underestimate the number of calories in food.

It does not matter where the calories come from — carbs, protein or fat. Total calories are taken in vs. total calories burned determine your weight at the end of the day.

It's a Healthy Food—Portion Control

Just because it is healthy does not mean it is not fattening.

Take dried fruit, for example. Dried fruit has five to eight times more calories than the same weight of fresh fruit because it is denser.

Get a New Walk—Speed It Up

Start walking fast, everywhere.

Moving a mass through space faster takes more energy, or calories.

Change Your Lifestyle—Diets Fail

Lifestyle changes are the only way to ensure that you will lose the weight and keep it off.

15oz of Crushed Ice Water—40 calories

Drinking 15oz of crushed ice water will burn 40 calories.

Remember, normal activities, like drinking crushed ice water, burn calories!

The Scale Is Not Broken—Don't Worry

A person’s normal weight can fluctuate by 5 to 10 pounds a day!

Add Crushed Ice—Work for the Heat

Drink everything with crushed ice: it lowers the temperature of the fluid so your body has to burn more calories to heat it up.


We are here to confidentially assist our clients in preventing and correcting medical conditions that adversely affect their quality of life. We accomplish this through lifestyle changes, education, and medical prevention tailored to each client.

The Southwest Missouri Wellness Center was opened by Brian Murphy, M.D. specifically to help individuals reach their weight loss goals. Dr. Murphy is well known for his long history of successfully helping patients with their health and weight loss journey. The Wellness Center discretely helps our patients lose weight by providing dietary education along with prescribing an appropriate appetite suppressant. During each visit, he will review your health history, exercise habits, current diet, and water consumption to determine the most appropriate appetite suppressant for YOUR individual health.

While Dr. Murphy’s program helps patients lose unwanted weight, he believes it is every bit as important to build and develop long-term relationships with his patients to ensure they maintain the healthy weight they have achieved.

  • 80% of all diabetics can be cured, not treated, by maintaining a normal body weight.
  • Maintaining a normal weight can prevent gastroesophageal reflux and weight-related joint conditions.

For your convenience, we carry multiple medications in-house which allows us to, right at the time of your office visit, prescribe or change medications as needed, catering specifically to your body for the most effective weight loss results.

  • Phentermine (30 mg)
  • Phentermine (37.5 mg)
  • PreLue 2 (105 mg)
  • Phendimetrizine (35 mg)




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Visit Costs

Weight Management — New Patient
$100 + Cost of Medication
Weight Management — Established Patient
$75 + Cost of Medication
Cost of Medication
$25* starting price and ranges in price based on type and quantity prescribed

For detailed pricing or services not listed, please contact our office.

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That simply isn’t true.

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